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Programmatic Recruitment. Done Right.

High-growth businesses and Fortune 500 companies use the Perengo DSP

(Demand Side Platform) to solve their workforce recruitment at scale.


BI tools measure and analyze the pulse of your recruitment efforts.

Automate job distribution and campaign management.


ML-algorithms optimize your campaigns for success.



Perengo seamlessly integrates with your trusted ATS and solution providers.

Programmatic 101

Learn more about programmatic recruitment and how it can help your business. Find educational material on the Perengo Blog.

Perengo DSP

Recruitment DSP

Perengo DSP (Demand Side Platform) helps businesses to automate and optimize their recruitment.

Get an overview of the product features. 

Tailored Solutions

Recruitment needs are unique to each industry. Perengo DSP automatically optimizes towards your specific goals. Learn about our tailored solutions.

The Programmatic Recruitment Platform.

Perengo DSP

The only recruitment platform powered by state-of-the art advertising and data technology.   



Getting Started on Perengo DSP Is Simple.

Quick Setup

Perengo seamlessly fits into your recruitment workflow and ATS. No need to implement complex tools.

Full Transparency

Our platform gives insights into your recruitment performance per channel and campaign.

Dedicated Support

Our solution experts will make sure that your recruitment campaigns are set up properly.