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Access additional direct job inventory and recruitment budgets through Perengo.

Perengo manages recruitment ad budgets for high-growth businesses and F500 companies. We are always looking for new traffic channels to integrate in the Perengo network.

Benefits for Partners:

  • Diverse Job Inventory: Perengo's job ad campaigns span across various industries (on-demand; logistics/trucking; health care; service/retail; education; etc.). All job ads are direct-to-customer (no rebrokering).
  • Unified Billing: Simplify your accounting and bill one entity - Perengo - for all campaigns.
  • Optimized Campaigns: Our platform optimizes campaigns for best performance on your traffic (applicant volume and cost).
  • Dedicated Team: Our partner team makes sure to provide a custom job feed according to your specifications.
C.R. England

Perengo has been helping industry leaders scale their workforce.